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Here at Roble Factory we are active in film and documentary production with the help of state-of-the-art professional equipment and also thanks to the close partnerships with industry professionals that we have developed and entrenched over the years.

Emerging directors but also those who are already established, famous actors and newcomers, since the beginning of our adventure we have forged professional relationships and work with professionals with an innate passion for all things “cinema.”

Movies & Short Films

Dragan, a former robber, and Daniel, a young factory worker, become good friends through their passion for the game of chess. Soon, however, the closure of the factory where Daniele works and the tragic turn of events will inextricably tie their fates to those of Mr. Assante and Fabrizio: a ruthless businessman and a policeman with dubious moral qualities.

Massimo is a capable, rigorous, but above all honest mechanic. It is precisely his honesty that leads him to earn the right amount and not as much as his wife Agata would like. Overwhelmed by his wife’s pressure and dominated by his own integrity, one day he meets Carlo, a man who seems to give him the right advice so as not to ruin his life.



[Season 2]

Beni cun me is a RAI television program on the linguistic and cultural heritage of Sardinia, and specifically on the island’s own languages, all of which are “in definite danger of extinction” according to UNESCO. The program is presented by Adrià Martín, professor of translation at California State University Long Beach (USA), researcher in Sardinian languages and musician. In each episode, the presenter travels by van to the areas where the various languages of the island are spoken (Catalan Algherese, Ligurian Tabarchino, Sassarese, Gallurese, and Sardinian).

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