Subsonica Alguer 26 of August



Alghero August 26, 2022
Maria Pia Amphitheater

SUBSONICA, the historic band from Turin (Italy), starred the AnnoZero Fest, the first event dedicated to live music that we organized as part of the Alguer Summer Festival, in collaboration with the Alghero Foundation.
A party to celebrate the live music coming back, sharing and dancing together, in a late summer warm evening in front of the sea of Alghero.
On August 26, the “Maria Pia” Amphitheater hosted the Sardinian concert of the Subsonica tour celebrating the twenty-fifth year since the release of the album “Microchip Emozionale”, one of the band’s most representative works.

Subsonica presented the show “Atmosferico 2022” to the Sardinian audience for the twentieth anniversary of “Amorematico”, the album that consecrated them in the Olympus of Italian bands, their third release published on 11 January 2002.

The evening closing act was the incredible DJ set by Elisa Bae who continued to electrify the many people attending the event.

ūüďł Luigi Canu