Il diavolo è Dragan Cygan


Corsican multiplex [Latina]

Beginning at 21:00

Ciakcity Cinema [Rocca S.Giovanni]

Beginning at 8:45 p.m.

A young factory worker befriends a man with a mysterious past. Their destinies will tragically and irreparably intersect with those of a violent policeman and a wealthy industrialist.

Dragan, a redeemed former robber with a mysterious past, and Daniele, a humble young laborer father of Andrea and husband of Sofia, both share a passion for the game of chess thanks to which they soon become good friends. When Mr. Assante, a wealthy and ruthless businessman and father of a girl with a drug addiction problem, decides to move his company abroad where the profits are greater, Daniele, left without a job and desperate because of the dire financial condition in which his family finds itself, convinces Dragan, reluctant at first to accept the proposal, to look back at his past. It is at this point that the fate of policeman Fabrizio, an abusive husband and absent father, will become inextricably linked to that of the other three protagonists, making events converge in a definitive way.

THE DEVIL IS DRAGAN CYGAN is a story of friendship and revenge, the choral tale of four characters at opposite ends of the spectrum: an ex-robber, a factory worker, a policeman and a captain of industry, whose seemingly parallel destinies will gradually intersect irreparably toward a tragic and unexpected ending. The grayness of a typical Western industrial city and the social discomfort of the economic crisis are the backdrop to their stories. The pain of a friendship broken by a senseless death deeply undermines the conscience of the redeemed robber Dragan. Straddling the line between thriller and crime drama, the project, through a frenetic pace (made up of action scenes, flashbacks and parallel editing), alternating with more reflective and intimate pauses, will attempt to make a dramatic film that deals with social issues typical of a certain auteur cinema (Ken Loach, Elio Petri), also appealing to a less committed type of audience. This is the inherent utopia of the project: an excuse to bring the masses closer to topics usually averse to their taste, thus attempting to make them think while entertaining.

DIRECTED BY: Emiliano Locatelli

CAST: Enzo Salvi, Sebastiano Somma, Adolfo Margiotta, Gennaro Lillio, Ivan Boragine, Giovanni Carta, Emy Bergamo, Carlotta Rondana, Lara Balbo

PRODUCED BY: Roble Factory, Method

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Whitedust Productions, Nuovaera Film


EDITING: Lorenzo Muto, Pier Damiano Benghi

SET DESIGN: Massimiliano Mereu, Roberto Papi

SOUND MIXER: Ivano Zanchi, Mauro Di Giorgio


COSTUME DESIGNERS: Arturo Montoro, Alice Sinnl

MUSIC BY: Emanuele Braga

YEAR: 2023


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