Roble Factory Events

Music and cinema events, short and feature film screenings, literary readings and photography exhibitions, music and film training workshops.
Roble Factory takes care of the concept and realization of cultural events and live performances.
It aspires to become a new reference point for the cultural and creative industry in Sardinia.
To goal is to offer opportunities to meet and discuss about music, art, social and environmental issues, organizing meetings and conventions

AnnoZero Fest logo

Alguer Summer Festival is the first event that arises from the close collaboration between Roble Factory, Shining Production, Le Ragazze Terribili e Fondazione Alghero.
A varied line up for all tastes and for all ages, in the prestigious location of the Ivan Graziani – Maria Pia Amphitheater, we will have music and shows during this summer..
Tickets and information are already available online.

AnnoZero Fest logo

AnnoZero Fest was the first event dedicated to music that took place in August 2022 in the city of Alghero organized by Roble Factory in collaboration with the Fondazione Alghero. Subsonica starred the event held on August 26 at the Maria Pia amphitheater in Alghero. Included in the Alghero summer billboard, the event was enriched by the performance of other artists including Elisa Bee who completed the party line up for an evening dedicated to quality dancefloor electronic music.
A party to celebrate the live music coming back, sharing and dancing together, in a late summer warm evening in front of the sea of Alghero.