Beni cun Me

[Season 2]

Beni cun me is a RAI television program on the linguistic and cultural heritage of Sardinia, and specifically on the island’s own languages, all of which are “in definite danger of extinction” according to UNESCO.

The program is presented by Adrià Martín, professor d i translation at California State University Long Beach (U.S.A.), researcher in Sardinian languages and musician. In each episode, the presenter travels by van to the areas where the various languages of the island are spoken (Catalan Algherese, Ligurian Tabarchino, Sassarese, Gallurese, and Sardinian). This is why almost the entire show is in these languages.

The first season (available on RaiPlay), aired in 2021, was produced by Terra de Punt and Eja TV and featured personalities from the worlds of politics (such as former mayor of Câdesédda Calasetta- Remigio Scopelliti), journalism (Celestino Tabasso, head of the culture section of the Unione Sarda), music (Michele Atzori, Claudio Gabriel Sanna), activism (Irene Coghene of Plataforma per la Llengua, Flavia Floris de Sardware) and academia (Maurizio Virdis, of the University of Cagliari), as well as street interviews.

The second season, produced by Roble Factory and soon to be released, consists of eight thirty-minute episodes featuring Sardinian personalities (such as musicians Bujumannu and Daniela Pes, writer Giacomo Mameli and university lecturer Franciscu Sedda, among others). Each episode also contains scenes filmed in California.

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