TRAIN to ROOTS – Sardinia

Summer begins and half the world meets in “Sardinia” to enjoy the beaches, sea, sun, good food and excellent wine, but hardly any of them know about the problems of this Mediterranean paradise.

Hence the need to talk about it in a song that, in an almost ironic way, invites the listener to take a tour with the band to places where the exploitation of the land, landscape and even local labor for decades if not centuries, as in the case of the abandoned mines of Sulcis Iglesiente, has left indelible traces in the physiognomy of the island and in the lives of Sardinians.

In stark contrast to its themes, the song unfolds over a catchy ska base where vintage sounds are mixed with Sardinian choir samples and distorted synths.

Sardinia, like the previous single Gaza, is released on the historic Neapolitan label Phonotype Records.