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GAZA: the new single from Train to Roots.


Train To Roots present the single Gaza, a preview of what will be their eighth album. A piece born out of the need to take sides, to take a clear and unambiguous stand against the ongoing massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip and beyond.

The text takes inspiration from a poem by poet Peppino Mereu, published in the late 1800s titled Nanneddu Meu, a protest song in which, in the form of a letter to a friend, Mereu denounces the state of misery and oppression in which the lowest social strata found themselves in the late 19th century in Sardinia. Nanneddu becomes Muhammeddu and the scenario of misery and oppressed people moves to the Palestine of this new millennium. More than 100 years after the poem’s publication, unfortunately, the same lines describing the state of oppression in Sardinia can be brought back to the Palestinian people.

Recorded in analog mode at Roble Factory Studio, the track features electronic sounds such as the use of analog synths and a very urban drum pattern.

This single also marks the beginning of Train To Roots’ collaboration with the historic Neapolitan label Phonotype, the first record label in Italy and one of the first in the world, with a unique cultural heritage of more than 100 years of music. In the words of Nicola Tranquillo, label partner, “Naples does not allow itself to be intimidated and wants to demonstrate its rejection of silence in the face of what is happening in Palestine. Accustomed to encounter, welcome, and dialogue, we are convinced that the sea unites, and that is also why we want to entrust the meeting between Naples and the reggae made in Sardinia by Train To Roots with our message.”

is available on digital platforms and is also released in 7-inch format along with another single by Neapolitan ska/rock band Bisca.

Three nominations for the Vespertilio AwardS

VESPERTILIO AWARDS – Three nominations for The Devil is Dragan Cygan

The nominations of the Vespertilio Awards, the first Italian film award dedicated to genre cinema, horror, giallo, noir, thriller, science fiction and fantasy. The project was conceived and created by the founders of Hours of Horror, Italy’s first horror social group through Ta.Ma.H.Demi founded by Tania Bizzarro and Markus Di Meglio. During the award ceremony on May 25, in addition to Claudio Simonetti, Florinda Bolkan will also receive the lifetime achievement award.

Three applications we are featured in:

🎖 Best Production
🏅 Best Supporting Actor (Adolfo Margiotta)
🎖 Best Newcomer Director (Emiliano Locatelli)

WOMEX – Worldwide | Music | Expo 2023

WOMEX – Worldwide | Music | Expo 2023

We are back after attending Womex 2023 in Coruña, Spain.

It’s been the third time for us and it’s always a great experience: we presented Roble Factory recording studio and Bed&Rec service.

We also had the chance to introduce our artists roster to many promoters and bookers. We really enjoyed the showcases too, so many interesting artists from all over the world.

Can’t wait for the next edition in Manchester!

“FUMO” selected for Ferrara Film Corto Festival

FUMO selected for Ferrara Film Corto Festival

More wonderful news for FUMO, the short film by Andrea Rebuzzi!
After being selected in many festivals in Italy and abroad Fumo is on its first two nominations at the Ferrara Film Corto Festival.
Nominated: “Fumo” / “The Delay” / “The Lacing”
Nominated: Sebastian Bonolis for “The Adversary” / Sandro Chessa and Francesco Piras for “FRADI MIU” / Stefano Tria for “Fumo”
The winner will be announced during the Awards Evening, which will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023.
Fingers crossed.
We take this opportunity to thank our wonderful actors-Alessandro D’Ambrosi, Elodie Serra, Vincenzo Crivello and Giovanni Nasta.
Special thanks to Wrong Child for believing in the short film and co-producing it with us: thank you Lino Guanciale, Lucio Biondi, Maria Sole Serone and Anna Paolini.
Thanks to Demetrio Sacco for writing FUMO, Pietro Morana for editing it, and Antonio Leardi for making the music.
And a heartfelt thank you also to the fantastic crew: Riccardo Battisti, Antonio Bassu, Giulia Bella, Simone Bulkaen, Niccolò Capanna, Giamba Delfino, Alessandro Fusco, Paolo Galiano SFX, Roberto Libertini, Emiliano Locatelli, Antonio Mascoli, Michele Nassauto, Claudia Puggioni, Michele Sini, Marta Terzi, Stefano Tria, Manuel Trombetta.



You are all invited to our home

On Saturday, Nov. 4, there will be 𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐍 𝐃𝐀𝐘 at the #RobleFactory and you will have a chance to visit and browse through the Alghero Studio’s vintage analog machines and instruments.

Intended for all those involved in the music business : musicians, authors, composers, producers, sound engineers, publishers, labels, promoters.

To partecipate, send an email to

See you in the studio!

“FUMO” selected for Castelli Romani International Festival.

FUMO selected for Castelli Romani International Festival

Fumo continues its festival adventure! After being selected for the VII edition of Castelli Romani International Festival

Cast: Alessandro D’Ambrosi, Vincenzo Crivello, Elodie Serra, Giovanni Nasta.