Marco Fais


Marco Fais

Marco Fais, from Sassari, is the dreamer of Roble Factory. He came up with the idea of setting up the factory of the ideas. Having been involved in the music sector for over twenty years, at the age of fifteen he began studying music first as a self-taught and then following courses in some city music schools.
He plays the guitar, but the bass has always been his great passion. This instrument has lead him to share the most significant professional experiences with some emerging bands on the island. With Barrio Sud, a band formed in Sassari in 2006, he shared as bassist their musical path, following the track of that music “Mestiza” or “Patchanka” born in Europe in the early ’90s.
In the last ten years he has worked for Sardinian cinema, in the production department of the films “La stoffa dei sogni” by Gianfranco Cabiddu and “Era d’estate” by Fiorella Infascelli. He has also worked as technical professional in some web series and music and advertising video clips.
Combining his passions for music and cinema, as well as for the bass guitar that manages the space between the percussion and the soloists with skill and value, blending the sound, he has brought together a group of professionals, longtime friends with whom he has shared experiences of work, but above all of life, trying to finally give legs to his dream: to tell new stories through music and audiovisual media, to search for new talent, to train young people and offer new opportunities.

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